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Nathan from Coastline

“I just want to give a big shout out to Luis Angel Echeverria. Thank you so much for coming to our event. You’re awesome, with a close to 500 students and staff here. You did 2 memory workshops for us, which the students were really impressed by, and I really appreciate you also doing our keynote address.

Luis is engaging and he’s also great with students. He has a very energetic presence and I highly recommend him for any of your school events that you may be having for high school or for college group.”

Steven Picht from Valencia High School

“My name is Steve Picht and I’m a teacher here at Valencia High School. Luis came and presented to our students today and they were very taken by what he was talking about. All of them could really see how that the memory skills that he was teaching are something that could really help them a lot in their studies. So hopefully we’ll have him back. Our students would be interested in applying his techniques, raising their grades, and becoming better students.”

Ms. Moore from Bell High School

“Hi. I’m Kathleen Moore and I’m an AVID elective teacher here at Bell for the 10th Grade. The students have had many guest speakers but the Memory Project was the most exciting for them. They seemed so engaged and happy and it’s something that they could take with them everyday for all of their classes, especially next year. They enjoyed it, it was fun, and it taught them a skill that they really never thought of before.”

Business | Corporate | Professionals

Heather from Coldwell Banker

“My name is heather Campbell president and co-owner of Coldwell Banker Campbell Realtors, a real estate company in Huntington Beach California. We were so happy to have Luis here today. He met with me and my husband, we’re the brokerage owners. As well as about 30 of our realtors to help us improve our memories. We really need to work on remembering our clients’ names and interesting things about them to make that personal connection and Luis was great. He had so many great ideas for visualization, helpful memory techniques, and you have to eat your strawberries and blueberries. He taught us about foods that we need to eat in order to improve our memories. I would highly recommend Luis. I thought He was great today!”

Jeannine with Remax Masters

“Hi my name is Jeannine and I’m the manager here at ReMax Masters. Today we had the pleasure of having Luis Angel with the memory seminar which gave us a lot of enlightening, gave us ideas on how to remember names, and strategies that really will help us for our business. Thank you so much for coming and we look forward to seeing you again.”

Anthony from Century 21

“Anthony Jimenez here, Branch Manager of Century 21 Award Rancho Santa Margarita. Today we had the creator of AE Mind, Luis Angel, out to give a 30 minute presentation on his memorization skills and techniques. Thought the presentation was impressive today and I think that we’re all most impressed with his ability to memorize a 40 digit number in 3 minutes. Recite it forward, and then 30 minutes later recite that same 40 digit number backwards. Skills and techniques he taught today were very realistic to learn. That was a great presentation. Thank you for coming out today, Luis and I look forward to attending more of your events.”

Dorinda with Remax Omega

“Hi My Name is Dorinda and I’m with Remax Omega and I had an awesome training session with Luis Angel this morning on memory techniques. We learned extensively where to decide where to put the information, how to remember the information, and how to recall it. I highly recommend his memory training.”

Ada with Remax Goodlife

“Luis Angel Echeverria was here at Remax Goodlife teaching us how to remember people’s names and he did a mind presentation. It was really great and helpful with all the Remax Goodlife agents. I really appreciate his knowledge.”